Meet the Head Coach



  • BSc in Exercise & Sports Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Physical Education & Health). 
  • Completing BSc Exercise Science & Rehabilitation
  • Level 1 Triathlon Coach

Personal Achievements

  • 2nd place Ironman Busselton (20-24)
  • WA Triathlete of the Year (20-24)
  • Telstra Triathlon Series Winner (20-24)
  • Qualification World Age Group Championships (Long Course)
  • Qualification World Age Group Championships (Olympic Distance)

How did you first get into Triathlons?

I first started competing in triathlons whilst I was studying Sports Science at university. I came from an Athletics and Netball background. I was a 200m, 400m runner and 400m hurdler during my teenage years. During the off-season I would go down to my local pool and just swim 100 laps of a 25m pool (for fun!) five times a week.

I was starting to get a bit bored running around the track, and a friend at university recommended I give triathlons a go. She was training for an Ironman and I just couldn't even fathom how people could do that.. or why they would want to haha!

My first triathlon was a Women's only Triathlon Pink event which consisted of a 300m Swim, 10 km bike ride, and 3 km run. I remember being absolutely petrified on the starting line, but as soon as I crossed the finish line I was hooked. I have now completed in all triathlon distances including 2 full Ironman events (Busselton & Melbourne) which consisted of a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride, 42 km run. 

What is your favourite distance?

I am a bit of a weirdo, I love the fast paced Sprint Distances, but I also love the Ironman events because there is a bit more room to make up for lost time and I love the mental toughness required to push through it. 

What work did you do before TriChicks?

My coaching experience started with teaching young children and adults to learn how to swim, and progressed to working with a range of different athletes including semi-professional footballers, specialised coaching to triathlon athletes, health/fitness training and education to secondary students in Physical Education and Health. 

I then spent 4+ years working in the mines in Western Australia and internationally as a Health and Wellness Consultant. I would run fitness classes, give presentations on health topics, design rehabilitation programs and conduct health and fitness tests. 

After working in the mines I completed my Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching (Physical Education and Health), but I wanted to create my own business instead. I have always had a passion for coaching, helping others to achieve their goals and showing belief in people, regardless of ability, so I wanted to create a business around that. 

Why did you decide to create TriChicks?

One day I had enough. I have always wanted to run my own business and I used to get really annoyed that I wasn't living up to my potential. In 2010 I actually started a Womens Tri Squad in Perth back when I was in university, it was very casual but I LOVED it. I wanted to start one up again in Melbourne because I knew there was a niche for it! 

One day I told my family I was moving to Melbourne to create TriChicks and a week later I was here. I didn't know anyone in Melbourne, which was probably a good thing. I worked my a$$ off in those first few months, mainly so I wouldn't feel the loleliness of being in a new city with no friends haha! I started TriChicks full time from Day 1 - it was HARD and I was so POOR!!! But there was no doubt in my mind that this wouldn't work out, so I gave it my everything for the first 2 years and it's going amazing now. 

Are you planning on racing soon?

Short answer YES. Long answer probably in 2018-2019 Season. I have tried a couple of times to get back into racing and as soon as I did I felt overwhelmed with work, got sick and just was doing everything half a$$ed. Until April 2017 It was just me, now I have a few team members that I am training up to help out and share the workload. Once I am happy that the business can run successfully without me being there 100% of the time, I will look at getting back into racing. At the moment the girls I coach and TriChicks is 100% my priority, and I am loving it.