Arm Recovery

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  • This drill is similar to 6/1/6
  • It’s used to improve your a sense of core balance and core control in the water
  • It also helps you develop your body rotation
  • It can train a classic high elbow recovery
  • It enables you to imrpove your hand entry
  • It can help you improve your upper back flexibility

Key Points

  • Using fins and kick on your side with your lower arm leading straight out in front
  • Slide the thumb of your upper arm up the side of your body to your armpit
  • Return your hand to your hip then back up to your armpit
  • Spear the hand into the water
  • Catch and pull through with the underwater arm
  • Rotate onto the other side
  • Take a breath after the stroke and rotation
  • Repeat
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Broken Arrow

  • This drill is designed for swimmers with tight upper backs and shoulders to help you loosen off
  • It helps you relax your arm and shoulder while recovering over the top of the water
  • It enables you to focus on how your hand is entering the water
  • It’s a derivative of 6/1/6 and should always be performed wearing fins

Key Points

  • Kick on side and without delay raise your top hand above your head vertically and pause there for two seconds – your ‘arrow’
  • Then bend the elbow and spear into the water hand entering in line with your shoulder
  • Rotate onto the other side by catching and pulling through with the lower arm, take a breath, lift it up and pause again vertically fortwo seconds, using the mantra:

Up–break–spear in–breathe