Chick Chat with Caroline Steffen

You represented Switzerland in the National Swimming and Cycling teams for a number of years. What made you decide to give Triathlons a go? Was there someone in particular who recommended you try it? 

Back in 2003, after I had two shoulder surgeries I was forced to give up my sport swimming. I took me several years to find joy in sport again ... but I did. Racing a 2 day adventure event in Switzerland brought me closer to long distance racing and in the end to IRONMAN.

What has been your biggest challenge to date (in or out of the sport) and how did you overcome it?  

Being away from friends and family most of the year. Its not always easy to satisfy everyone and at the same time perform on highest level. It is still a struggle sometimes. 

Growing up, who was your Idol? Even now, is there a particular person that you look up to? 

Growing up as a swimmer I was looking up to Michael Gross, Susie O'Neill, Alexander Popov, Krisztina Egerszegi. 

Where will we see you racing in 2016? 

Pretty much all over the world. Schedule is not 100% set yet but it looks like another busy year. 

What’s one piece of advice you could give women who are just starting out in the sport?

Believe in yourself and enjoy that you are doing! 

Amy is the Owner and Head Coach of TriChicks and has over 10 years coaching experience.  Amy created TriChicks to help lower the barrier to get women into the sport. 

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