What is TriChicks? 

TriChicks is best described as a Personal Coaching Business owned and operated by Head Coach Amy Johnson. It was created to give women access to professional coaching in a safe, supportive and non - intimidating environment. TriChicks is not a "non for profit club". It has been registered as a Triathlon Club purely to provide athletes the chance to sign up with Triathlon Victoria to receive training and racing insurance. 

How fit do you need to be to join TriChicks?

TriChicks sessions are designed to cater for all fitness levels. At each training session we have different groups based on ability. 

How do i sign up? 

Limited spots are available to train with TriChicks. Amy will let you know if spots are available. From there you will be directed to our Athlete Portal. 

When and where do you train? 

For a list of training times and locations please Click HERE

How much is it to join TriChicks? Can I just turn up and pay cash as I go? 

TriChicks squad requires a level of commitment from each athlete to ensure you get the best results. Our payments are on a weekly direct debit system. We do not accept cash or have a Pay as you go option. To see the full list of Price Packages please click HERE

If I miss a session can you send me what you did for the day?

Everyone who trains with TriChicks has a Training Peaks account and needs to be on a program. So if you miss the session it will be in your Training Peaks to complete in your own time. 

Do you offer Online programs?


Can I pause/cancel payments? 

If you are away more than 1 week you are able to pause payments until you return. This needs to be completed in our Athlete Portal at least One Week in advance. 

What equipment do I need for swimming? 

Kickboard, Pull Bouy, Paddles, Fins, Swim Cap, Goggles and Drink Bottle. Free pool entry - just mention you are with TriChicks. 

What equipment do I need for cycling? 

Bike, Helmet, Lights (front and back), drink bottle and Puncture Repair Kit

What equipment do I need for running? 

Running Shoes no older than 8 months and a drink bottle. If you also have a Garmin or Stopwatch bring that along too. 

When is your next Beginner Triathlon Course? 

Our next Beginner Course will not be until September or October 2017. If you would like to register your interest please click HERE

Do you coach people for Half Ironman and Ironman?

Yes. If you would like more information please contact Amy.