Gatorade Tri Race 5 - PB Bound

Far out - what a day! Pretty sure we are now known as the booziest tri club in Melbourne, with champagne bottles getting popped pretty much as the first timers crossed the finish line. As Emma Peterson put it - the Beginners are a good bunch, and they have their priorities right!! 

Lets start off with the Beginners.. 

The ladies in this Beginner Course came from a variety of fitness backgrounds (most diverse group to date) and was a more mature group of women. Normally our Beginner Courses as a whole tend to be a strong Cycle/Run or Swim/Run group. But compared to other groups these ladies were far less confident about themselves and what they could achieve. In each course I always say Week 6/7 is the "I can't do this" stage where tears of some sort are witnessed. But this group was a bit different - we had tears in Week 2 , Week 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!! Everyone had their ups and downs at different times due to stresses at work/ family / or doubts about whether they could achieve this swim/bike/run thing. 

But each week the ladies grew more confident, swimming, cycling and running further then they had before. It was excellent to witness, and I could see them leave with a spring in their step. THIS IS WHY I LOVE COACHING. 

Breakthrough week for most occurred in Week 7 when the ladies completed a double brick and swam out to the pole during a Open Water Swim (with a shark in the water). Yes you heard correct a shark! I was a sook on the SUP Paddle board ready to knock anyone off if they dared to scramble on (kidding...maybe!) 

All of a sudden the race became less daunting, because they had completed close to the race distances in training.  I always love reminding people of their first session and to where they are now. In all this group, I felt, experienced the biggest physical and mental transformations then any other Beginner Course I have coached. What made it more special is the friendships they created over the 10 weeks, and how encouraging they all are with each other. Some ladies lost around 10kg throughout this 10 week course and are looking FANTASTIC and FIT!! From couch to Triathlete in 10 weeks - pretty damn impressive. 

Im so proud and in awe of you all! You have become so resilient, and I hope you now know you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Congrats to all for graduating from the Beginner Course, and having a fantastic race! 

A few special mentions need to go to El Watson - 3rd in the 25-29 Age Group and to Kayley Marriner - 1st in the 40-44 Age Group! Great work ladies!


Now to the Main Squad...

For some TriChicks this was their first Olympic Distance triathlon. Again the ups and downs were very similiar as they waded into the unknown, expressing doubts as to whether they could do the Olympic Distance. But for 12 weeks they followed a plan and they all achieved/smashed their goal times! Congratulations to the girls who completed their first Olympic Distance triathlon! Olivia Cartledge, Courtney Ellis, Natasha Anstee, Delani Cruse, Jessica Harney, Katee Long and to Georgia Cooke who did the Aquabike! Well done girls! 

Big shoutout needs to go to Margie Bourke, back in the day Margie could hit a sub 2:20 for Olympic distance. It has been 12 years since her last Olympic Distance and on the weekend she completed another one (post hip surgery!). Margie was down for the sprint, but felt inspired to give the Olympic distance a go after training with the girls in the squad. What a legend - Margie you are as tough as they come and an excellent role model for everyone in the group. Proud of you x

 Margie and Pippa post race!

Margie and Pippa post race!


As for the ladies who have completed a couple of seasons with TriChicks including a few Olympic Distances, all who raced over the weekend achieved BIG PB's! You girls have had a big season, and I know you are all tired and ready to have a much needed rest - I'm so proud of how hard you have trained this season. All your hard work has certainly paid off. Well done x

Olympic Distance

  • Emma Peterson (15 min PB)
  • Kat Monk (30 min PB)
  • Bec Dutkowski (13 min PB)
  • Pippa O'Regan (7min PB)
  • Lindy Atkinson (3 min PB)

Sprint Distance

  • Jess Hood (12 min PB)
  • Jade Bennati (7 min PB)
 Em Peterson on her way to a 15 min PB

Em Peterson on her way to a 15 min PB

 Kat Monk - Fist pumping for a big PB!

Kat Monk - Fist pumping for a big PB!

As always well done to the other athletes and clubs who raced throughout the Gatorade Series. Its a great series and looking forward to next year. We have our final race of the Season in two weeks at Challenge Melbourne, Emma Peterson is tackling another Half Ironman and a number of girls are hitting the Sprint. Looking forward to it! 

Amy Johnson - Head Coach