Before I met Amy...

"Before I met Amy the longest run I had ever done was 6 km's, the thought of riding a road bike scared the hell out of me and I'd never even heard of a Half Ironman. For someone who is a good few years younger than me, and only half the age of some of the people she has coached, Amy has maturity and confidence well beyond her years. She relishes a tough session and doesn't let you "cheat" yourself by slacking off. She knows her stuff and believes that you can do it even when you don't. Despite being a hard task master at training, Amy also has a genuine interest and concern for everyone she coaches. It doesn't matter if you are a complete gun or just starting out, if you are prepared to put the effort in you have Amy's absolute support." - Jen Hafekost

"Before I met Amy, I had a social life, a full set of toenails and I thought 9 km was a long run - not an interval session. Before I met Amy I never thought I would wear lycra in public, drink shotz in the morning, and I thought bricks were for building houses, not training sessions! Before I met Amy I didn't believe I could finish a half marathon especially after a 1.9 km swim and 90 km ride. As a coach Amy is fantastic. She is a motivational speaker, a nutritionist, a sports psychologist, a tactical strategist and a friend rolled into one. Without her coaching I would still be blissfully unaware of road rash, my chocolate addiction would be a much bigger problem and I wouldn't have had so much fun in her training sessions!" - Kate Hafekost

"Before I started training with Amy I didn't think it would be possible to do a Half Ironman as I thought a 10 km ride was far enough! I have really appreciated all her hard work and encouraging words at training. It is always good to know if you don't feel like doing intervals, there is someone supporting you and encouraging your from the sidelines and keeping track of your performance. Prior to starting Amy's coaching I never had a good swimming technique. Amy taught me how to maximize my efficiency in the water and improve my confidence in the open water. Although we often had early morning training I always looked forward to training and missed it when we had a rest week. Thank-you Amy for your dedication" - Emily Stevens

"I am incredibly grateful to you Amy for believing in me and never doubting that I could achieve my goal of finishing a Half Ironman. You gave me the confidence to persevere and ultimately succeed. I am literally euphoric about completing this, thank you so much." - Gillian Walsh

"Before I met Amy I thought triathlons were only for the elite fit people. She taught me that if you set your mind to a goal you can achieve it if you have the right mind set. She is the best coach/personal trainer I have ever had and with her help she can help you achieve whatever you set your mind too" - Jo Guerin

"Before I met Amy I was afraid of road bikes, lycra, cars and trucks, falling off my bike and cleats. I took 6 minutes to run a kilometer, and now running 4.20 min/km. My fitness has improved, my motivation to exercise is huge, I have lost almost 10 kg even though I eat more, and I feel great. Amy has helped me overcome mental barriers of training. I have learnt to push myself and keep going, even when it hurts and have fun while doing it. Over the last year I have gone from believing that only the fit and athletic people can compete, to knowing that once you set your mind to something anything is achievable" - Liz Clark

"Before I met Amy, I couldn't run a km, and it took me 23 mins to run 3 km in my first triathlon. Now, with some forceful encouragement from Amy I am doing the sprint distance tri's. I would have given up ages ago without Amy's coaching, and I never thought I'd say I had fun competing at the Busselton Half Ironman." - Hannah Pierce

Before I started training with Amy, I couldn't imagine running for a whole hour. Now I have completed two half marathons and I am training for my first Marathon. As well as improving my strength and fitness greatly, I have met so many amazing and supportive people and have loved the social aspects of Amy's training sessions." - Cat Faul